LAHORE - A 35-year-old businessman yesterday attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head as his workplace near Thokar Niaz Baig was affected by the multi-billion Orange Line, relatives said.

Father of two, Abdul Qadir, was admitted to the Jinnah hospital where his condition was said to be very critical till filing of report.  The resident of Ali Town shot himself in the head at his house in the afternoon. He was rushed to the hospital by his relatives on a private car.

Ahmed, a close relative of Qadir, told reporters that the victim had established his business with the name of “Khalil Associates” in a multi-storey plaza near Thokar Niaz Baig a few months ago. He said that Qadir had been running from pillar to post get compensation since the newly-built plaza was demolished by the authorities for the orange line train project.

“Qadir was penniless for the last couple of months. He got dejected and attempted suicide by shooting himself with a pistol,” Ahmed said. The police are investigating the incident. If survived, the businessmen would be booked by local police for attempting suicide.

The much-hyped train project displaced thousands of families and businesses in Lahore since heavy machinery is being used to clear space for the mega development plan. Many victims are struggling to get compensation since their houses, shops, and businesses are bulldozed for the metro train project.

They also complained massive irregularities and corruption in the process of compensation. Many of the victims were of the view that the authorities demolished their houses and shops without serving any prior notice.