I along with some of my friends from university of Karachi visited Dar ul Sukoon senior citizen's campus. It was a journalism workshop on persons with disabilities, there I got to know about people who are far from this world, those people earned my respect , touched my heart and gave me a moto to live a long and happy life. They were true inspiring personalities , I want to clear the world that disability comes when you stop dreaming or aiming. I want to pose your eyes that we have to make our minds clear with the fact that persons with disabilities are as normal as we are. As a working journalist my duty is to aware you people that how to interact with the persons with disabilities, treat them as normal as you are never discourage them with the harsh words, if they want to do work by themselves then don't push them to do it with someone's help. They are not special they are normal as we people are. 

Uruba Tazeen 

May 6, 2016