Nowadays smoking shisha and cigarette has become very common and fashionable, especially among young boys. Tobacco smoking in Pakistan is legal due to this childrens are taking it for granted. Smoking cigarettes and shisha has many health risks. It is easy to buy tobacco products everywhere for which government should take serious actions. According to the latest research more than 80% of adults begin smoking before they turn 18. 

Smoking is very harmful for health it can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer and heart diseases. We should take responsibilities to prevent our new generation from addiction to tobacco. 

In order to reduce smoking rates government need to adopt a comprehensive approach to control tobacco: A total ban on tobacco advertising and promotion, shisha places to be closed immediately, restriction of smoking in public and work places, increase in tobacco taxation, bold health warnings on tobacco products. The more selling of tobacco, the more the addiction. 

The concern authorities must look into this matter immediately So that Youth of Pakistanwill get rid of it. 

Visha Ghouri, 

Karachi Mayr 5.