Shangla: 23 coal mine workers, who died in three separate coalmine accidents were laid to rest in their ancestral graveyards on Monday morning.

The district administration Shangla confirmed the 23 people killed in three separate coal mine explosions in Quetta and Punjab areas have been buried.

The provincial government will grant compensation money of Rs 0.3 million to each of the victim’s family.

General Secretary Pakistan Mine Worker Federation, Sarzameen said that all the three incident took place on Saturday.

At Marwar coalmine, which occurred due to the accumulation of Methane gas killed 16 miners.

The deceased including Muhammad Khaliq, Muhammad Bashir, Hazrat Nabi, Abdul Latif, Nasib Ullah, Nasir Ullah, Muhammad Wahid, Faujoon, Abdullah Khan, Abdulhaq, Liaqat Ali, Javid Khan, Rahim Bar, Jehan Zar and Dilawar, were residents of Zara village of Dehrai Union Council. Similarly, Gull Faraz, Abdul Haleem, Shahbaz Khan, Ibrahim Khan, Fayazuddin belonged to Puran Shangla.

On 5th May at least 16 miners died on Saturday and more than a dozen were trapped after an explosion in a mine in the Marwar coalfields in Balochistan province, Director of Disaster Management Attaullah Khan said.

A methane gas build-up inside the mine caused the blast, Khan said. Chief inspector of mines Iftikhar Ahmad said the rescue operation overnight pulled out 11 injured miners.

He said two labourers died in a landslide on Saturday in another mine in Surrang coalfields. It was not immediately clear if that was caused by the explosion.