Lahore - The assassination attempt on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal was not only regrettable but also a matter of grave concern.

Being an Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal should have complete information about his security, but the attack has proved he did not have. His position demands that he should have an idea of the situation. An interior minister supposed to take care of security of entire country and an attack on him will spread panic in the country.

This attack should be seen from multiple dimensions as the general elections are around the corner and interim government is going to be formed in next few days. Against this backdrop, even if this attack is result of a personal enmity, it shows that dangerous weapons are being used openly and there is no enforcement of law in this regard. The situation will put a big question mark on peaceful general elections.

The situation demands that representatives of the government, judiciary and security institutions sit together and devise a strategy to fight the forces trying to disrupt the democratic process.

There is a dire need to forget mutual differences and keep an eye on the foreign elements which waste no opportunity to harm Pakistan. Such elements will be quite active nowadays to take advantage of the situation prevailing in the country.