ISLAMABAD:  Low-paid government employees have been demanding the immediate construction of the apartments in G-10/2 from the Ministry of Housing and Works, which was planned in 2008.

The project of constructing the apartments for the low income government servants began in 2008 and was estimated to be completed in 2010, but after the passage of 10 years the construction is still incomplete and the allottees are requesting the government to complete the project.

The allottees said that the Ministry of Housing and Works is not making serious efforts for completing this project even though it is a 10-year-old project and the government should take notice of the delay and address the hurdles in the completion of this project.

They said that the PHA is demanding more money from them in order to meet the expenses of construction, which is very difficult for them to pay. Initially, the cost of the flat was Rs 800,000 per alottee but since the development project was in doldrums; the cost of the project kept on increasing day-by-day.

An official of the Ministry of Housing and Works said that two firms were awarded the construction project of the apartments – ACE Private Limited as a consultant and the Techno International as the contractor.  He said that there were multiple reasons for the delay of this project including the negligence and lethargy of the Capital Development Authority.–APP