Lady health workers (LHWs), whose job entail walking door to door, lugging their medical kits and miscellaneous equipment, in the neighborhoods they are assigned to, need strong protection. There are 50,000 LHWs in Punjab. But the problems of reproduction are so widely spread, especially in rural areas that importance of LHWs is increasing. Despite lack of medical facilities and access to emergency services, LHWs continues to go door to door, spreading awareness about issues pertaining to productive health diseases and vaccinating children and babies. Yet many believe that their work is anti-Islamic and part of a Nest herm spy network. Besides, in January two LHWs Sakina and Rizwana were shoot by unidentified assailant and also a few years ago a suicide bombing in Quetta, outside a vaccination center ended up killing 15 health workers. Taliban and another militants groups, Jundullah, had claimed responsibility for the attack. In most cases of violence, LHWs are shot dead, usually in KPK and Baluchistan, but in Punjab too they face insecure working conditions. People sic their dogs on them, they beat them up, verbally abuse, sexually harass. Yet LHWs have to travel to remote areas with no security. Government should look into this matter.


Turbat, April 17.