The current situation of Pakistan’s politics is changing day by day. The dynamics of politics is now changes in our country. The popularity of political parties is changing, the mind set of people along their leadership is also changes people want honest and true leadership for themselves the main example of this is Pakistan Peoples Party, it is the party who came in power so many times and it is one of the famous party of Pakistan then but now it shrinks in the boundaries of one province. The second party is Pakistan Muslim League(N) this party is also came in power many time but not did something good instead of corruption and now the leadership of PML(N) is facing major corruption cases and loosing its MPAs and MNAs. Then the third party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the most suitable and stable party for the elections and for the government because its popularity is increasing day by in the nation, so it may be possible that PTI has its monopoly in future in Pakistan. 


Karachi, April 17.