MANSEHRA - Former prime minister and PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif has said that people have refused to accept court’s decision against him and that the ruling will have to be changed through an overwhelming majority in parliament.

Addressing a public gathering in Mansehra on Sunday, the former premier said that he was ousted for not taking salary from his son. He said though he was disqualified for holding an iqama, Imran was not even held accountable for owning offshore companies.

“There is only one way to alter the decision… through a majority in parliament,” he said. “We will have to change the decision in the assembly,” he added. “I want the vote of the masses to change the decision.”

“You are Pakistanis just like those five judges and no one can disrespect your decision,” Nawaz boasted, adding “You will not bow down and neither will I.”

He criticised PTI chief Imran Khan, saying he (Imran) could stage sit-ins only. “People have rejected him,” Nawaz added, and vowed to bring a ‘real change’ to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Nawaz said that there was no change in KP and Sindh.

Nawaz stressed that he was in no competition with either Imran Khan or Asif Ali Zardari and that he defeated both of them during the 2013 elections and will do so again in 2018.

He said that ‘naya’ Pakistan could be seen in Lahore. “If we get the opportunity to form the government once more, we will change the fate of KP and Sindh.”

He claimed credit for ‘elimination’ of loadshedding, terrorism and peace restoration in Karachi. He added that those conspiring against Pakistan had been unsuccessful.

Sharif said PML-N’s ‘respect the vote’ campaign demanded respect for people of the country.

He said Pakistan did not belong to a few people rather it was the country of 220 million people.

Sharif said the people should be facilitated across the country. He rejected the tall claim of a new Pakistan made by PTI chief Imran Khan and said if anybody wanted to see a new Pakistan, he should visit Punjab being transformed by Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

The ousted premier said the court of the people had given him a clean-chit and it would be proved in the forthcoming general elections.

He said soon Hazara would become an economic hub of the country on completion of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

He promised the people of Mansehra a railway line along with six motorways completed till Abottabad.

By next year, a six-lane motorway would be completed from Havelian to Manshera, he added.

He said Imran did nothing for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa except making hollow slogans and claims.

He said when he took over the government in 2013, terrorism was at its peak and the people were facing up to 22 hours of loadshedding. He said he added 10,000MW electricity to the national grid to check loadshedding during his tenure. Sharif said terrorism had almost been eliminated during the five years of his government.

Sharif said he had traveled through motorway from Islamabad to Mansehra and saw the new Pakistan from Islamabad to Burbhan and Shah Maqsood while from Havelian to Manshera, he only observed garbage dumps everywhere.

Before concluding his address, Sharif assured the people at his rally that he will try to visit the area again during the elections and even if he did not, the people should not forget him.

Earlier, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Mohammad Yousuf, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbassi, Maryam Nawaz, MNA Babar Nawaz and MPAs also addressed the public gathering.