MIRPURKHAS - Hundreds of abadgars of Naokot subdivision held protest demonstration near Siloor Mori against shortage of irrigation water.

The protesters blocked Nabisar Jhuddo Road while they opened the gate of Sher distry and closed the gates of Bilalani and Bhan minors and Naokot branch as result water supply was closed in minors and branch.

The protesters, led by Ch Inamullah Arain, raised slogans against the irrigation officials and leveled allegations of receiving bribe for supplying water to their favorite’s abadgars and landlords.  Speaking to the protesters, Ch Inamullah Arain said that we came here to hold protest demonstration and we did not open and close the gates of the minors and distry. He lamented that for last two months no water was supplied to Sher distry, resultantly they could not sow chili and cotton crops as well as facing hardships for drinking water.  He demanded the higher authorities to take action against the lower staff of irrigation department and ensure proper water supply in Sher distry.

Saifullah Pathan, councilor of Talhi Town, said that water reservoirs of the Talhi water supply scheme were lying dry and people deprived of drinking water even compelled to drink the contaminated water.

After 5-hour protest, they dispersed and traffic was restored at the above said road.