Islamabad - Representatives of the civil society have demanded the concerned authorities to set up a regulatory body to look after domestic workers as presently there was no such mechanism to address their issues.

According to a survey conducted on the issues of these domestic workers, it was revealed that they faced plenty of challenges while performing their duties but remained silent on all the hardships just to be able to earn enough to feed their family members. It further stated that these domestic workers work in the homes of their employers on a very low remuneration while providing a range of services including sweeping washrooms, washing clothes, cooking and taking care of children.

They have to continue working for long hours and face challenges like low wages, rude behaviour, late salaries and sometimes they face allegations of theft and are even abused physically, verbally and sometimes even sexually.

Amina Bibi, who works for a family as a servant since 2015 in Sector F-6, said “My entire family has been serving this family since a long time but still we failed to win the trust of the employers as we have to face a new allegation or threat from them on a daily basis.”

She added “We have no option but to face these allegations and continue to work because if we leave this job how will we earn for our kids and other family members?”

Salma Bibi, another domestic worker said “I have been working as a maid for the last 15 years but during the entire period my problems were multiplied as winning the hearts of the employers was a very tough task.”

Asifa Gulraiz, a servant working in Sector G-9 said “No one cares about us and about our needs as we continue to struggle without any relief; this has become the reality of our life.”

Ehsan Danish, a social activist urged for the proper implementation of existing laws that protected the rights of domestic workers and he also demanded new laws for their protection and safety. He said that there should be a regulatory body to resolve the issues of domestic workers.