Apropos report published on 17 April 2018, in your newspaper quoting Chairman NAB and President of National Commission for Enforced Disappearances Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal confirming reports that during tenure of former President Musharraf over 4,000 Pakistanis were handed over to foreigners for dollars is shocking and sickening. It gives you an insight into criminal mindset of Musharraf and explains his sympathy for Altaf led MQM’s involvement in criminal black economy where kidnapping for ransom, murder and street crime were allowed to flourish. 

This is a very serious issue and culprits involved in this heinous crime must be held accountable and stripped from any benefits, including rank, pension etc, they enjoyed because of post they held, when crime was committed. It portrays both Pakistan and its institutions negatively and impacts upon our national sovereignty and credibility. Such compromising of state sovereignty demands severe punishment. Pakistan after all is not a Banana Republic. 

The question arises that Musharraf alone could not have managed to hand over 4,000 Pakistanis to foreigners and others must be involved in this criminal activity. There existed a federal government headed by King’s party PML(Q) with a PM, Interior Minister, Law Minister etc. With revelations coming from none other than Justice Javed Iqbal, who headed the commission, it makes it obligatory and mandatory upon State and all its institutions, including Supreme Court to bring to justice the culprits who dared to commit these crimes. The Constitution of Pakistan does not empower any individual, including President, PM etc or for that matter any state institution to unilaterally hand over citizens of Pakistan for any criminal office to another country without due process of law. Even if Bilateral Extradition Treaty exists between sovereign states, due process has to be followed. 


Lahore, April 18.