After the “egg teen’s” attack on a senator in the wake of the New Zealand mass shooting, egging appears to be trending in Australia amid the country’s federal elections race.

The country’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison was the target this time, but turned out to be egg-proof in a manner of speaking.

A 25-year-old woman has been arrested following an egg attack on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during an election campaign event in Albury, New South Wales.

Police inspector Scott Russell confirmed that they have the woman in custody over the egging incident. The casually dressed protestor carrying a carton of eggs reportedly launched one of them at the head of Australia’s top politician when he was standing with a group of women at the Country Women’s Association State Conference.

The security guards pounced on the egg thrower, yet, however, an elderly woman nearby was also brought down in the scuffle. 

According to an earlier statement by the police, the egg appeared to strike Morrison on the head. In another statement, cited by ABC, law enforcement said that the egg, intended for Morrison, hit one of the women next to the PM. However, in the footage capturing the egging, the prime minister is seen rubbing his head briefly before helping the woman, who was pushed down.

​Nobody was reportedly injured in the incident. Surprisingly enough, the egg remained intact, according to those who witnessed the attack. ABC News reporter Dan Conifer has posted an alleged photo of the “weapon” without a crack and noted that it was not boiled.  

As has been reported, the protester said that her action "speaks for itself" and apparently referred to Manus Island.  The island in Papua New Guinea has long housed a detention centre for refugees, prompting criticism in Australia.

Morrison himself shared a word of compassion for the lady, who was accidentally knocked down, but also used the chance to make a political statement about withstanding “thuggery”, branding protesters idiots and taking aim at militant unionists.