The Punjab government has taken concrete measures to provide essential items to the common man at fixed rates. To control artificial price-hike, price control magistrates have taken strict action against 85 shopkeepers and cases have been registered against them in different police stations throughout the province. A fine of rupees 27 lack and 67 thousand has also been imposed against illegal profiteers and hoarders. 1850 Dasterkhawns have also been established for Iftar and Sehar of the poor and needy people.

Sale of essential items i.e. sugar, Ata, vegetables, fruits is going on at fix prices in Ramzan bazaars. 427503 flour bags at the price of 290 per 10 kg, 477954 kilogram sugar at the price 55 rupees per kg has been sold in Ramzan bazaars up till now. Eggs at the price of rupees 71 per dozen was available in Ramzan bazaars.

Furthermore, onion at 23 rupees per kg, tomato at 21 rupees per kg, Irani dates at 188 rupees per kg, Dalchana 93 rupees per kg, bason 98 rupees per kg, rice 106 rupees per kg, Desi lemon at 140 rupees per kg were available at fair price shops of Agriculture Department.

Potatoes, ladyfingers, pulses, bananas, apples, ginger, garlic and other vegetables and fruits are available at whole sale price in Ramzan bazaars. Special magistrates conducted raids to inspect the weights and measures of the shops and cases registered against 112 shopkeepers.