Rawalpindi - Residents of a small village of Rawalpindi in their last ditch attempt urged the Chief Minister to provide female teachers in their school for continuation of girls education there.

Residents of the village Nikku of district Rawalpindi are running from pillar to post for the last one year to get female teachers for their recently-upgraded primary school.

The villagers fear that non-provision of female teachers will likely result in discontinuation of the girls’ education and efforts made for up-gradation of the institution will be lost in the bureaucracy files. 

The School Management Committee member Shahid Awan showing official documents of up-gradation of the school told The Nation that the process of appointment of female teachers in their school was halted during elections of 2018.

“Since then the appointm ent has not been done,” he said.  Shahid Awan also added that the SMC members repeatedly visited education department of the district; had meetings with Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and filed applications at DCO office to solve the issue.

“But we are swinging like a pendulum between government offices as they are not listening to our cry,” he said.

Another SMC member Nawaz Khan said that the villages had knocked all the doors at district level but the administration delayed the appointment of female teachers. He said that finally the parents had started cancelling admission of their girls as they are uncertain about the future of the school status.

“It is difficult in the village to convince residents to send their draughts to school and now non-serious behaviour of the education department has spread disappointment,” he said.

Nawaz Khan said that defying tall claims of provision of education, the government is facilitating the process of discontinuation of girls’ education in the area.

Letter written by the villagers to the CM Punjab Usman Buzdar said that the Government Primary School Nikku was established in 1901 on 8 kanals of land. It said that as the village is far away from the nearby city, no girl of the poor background has been able of qualifying matriculation from this village.

“As parents due to poverty cannot send their girls to city for education so a large number of girls remain uneducated,” said the letter.

It also added that previous year the school was upgraded to elementary level from primary under the reference number of 10862/D-1 and classes of grade 6 was started there and above one dozen girls were promoted in next class.

“But, non availability and appointment of female teachers in the school has become a hurdle for girls education,” it said.

DCO Rawalpindi Ali Randhawa replied to The Nation that request had been sent to secretary schools and hopefully it would be approved soon.