LAHORE - The fashion industry is a cesspool of people boasting glamour style and good looks. Most celebrities undergo some form of cosmetic surgery during the span of their career, whether it is Hollywood,  Bollywood or our very own industry.

However, talking about it in our industry is still a taboo and is frowned upon. Under such conditions, Model Misbah Mumtaz took to social media to talk about her recent nose job.

In an industry where talking about such procedures is a taboo, Misbah is breaking barriers by promoting the notion that one should be able to proudly accept ones weakness and change it if they feel the need too.

Being the only model from Hunza, Misbah shared in her social media posts how the procedure itself, Rhinoplasty, is used for various purposes and medical reasons. She also went on to add how people should be proud of the way they look and if they feel that they can look better through a procedure, then it is completely alright to be open about it.

She was praised on social media by various people for being bold and honest about her procedure and for championing the notion of “My Body My Choice”.

Being a model means you have to be looking a certain way and follow a certain beauty standard

We sat to have a quick chat with Misbah regarding her latest revelations. When asked about the details of her procedure, she went on to say that Pakistan does not have very good surgeons regarding cosmetic surgery and hence she chose to travel to Turkey for the procedure as she did not want to take any risks.

When asked about what prompted her to make this change, she claimed that she was often criticized for her looks by various people in the industry and that prompted her to do something about her looks.  She also commented on the industry and its hypocrisy to look down upon natural looks and procedures all the same.

She also underlines the risks involved in the procedure. “One cannot certainly be 100% sure of the result of such a procedure. It is extremely risky for media and fashion industry individuals as their livelihoods depend on their looks”.

She also talked about the industrial and societal pressure regarding good looks and how beauty standards add a lot of unwanted stress to models and media persons.

“Being a model means you have to be looking a certain way and follow a certain beauty standard. This trend is largely being broken in the West with the emergence of plus size models and a more acceptable and realistic notion of beauty coming forth however in Pakistan we still have the notions of white is beautiful and things like that which really put alot pressure on young girls to look a certain way”.  Misbah concluded by saying that everyone is beautiful however if they see a weakness and feel that they can convert it into their strength, they should go for it and should not feel ashamed of what society shall have to say as the way one looks is their own personal choice and no one elses.

 We are all for this and we wish success to anyone in breaking more barriers in the industry as it desperately requires drastic changes in order to sustain itself amidst harassment scandals, fake beauty standards and other disturbing on goings.