It was 2003; first time, I heard a speech about Jammu and Kashmir, the Switzerland of Asia, considered a paradise on earth located at the topmost position in the map of India and Pakistan. I still remember that the speaker was very aggressive; he was showing complete empathy with the sufferings of the Kashmiri people. He said many things; some of them were about the beauty of Kashmir and its affiliation with Pakistan. It is a vast area, approximately 105 Sq. Km, even bigger than almost seven free countries of Europe. At the end of the speech, he uttered a very captivating word: “Kashmir is a part of Pakistan and is its Jugular vein” while “India considers it as its crown”. This sentence developed a deep curiosity in me and I started reading about Kashmir, its beauty, its jugular vein, and crown status. After going through my reading and my interaction with some Kashmiri friends on social media, I hereby write my piece about this beautiful valley.

The Pakistani nation is arranging large gatherings of people who intend to arouse enthusiasm about Kashmir every year. However, the throng of political and religious leaders takes part in the rally to fascinate the attention towards the Kashmir issue. The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “The Muslims are like a human body. If the eye is afflicted, then the whole body is afflicted. If the head is afflicted, then the whole body is afflicted”.

Currently, the people of Kashmir are facing various amounts of atrocities and human violation by the Indian troops. Almost 0.65 to 0.75 million Indian soldiers are conquered over 12.55 million Kashmiri People. Many Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives during the last 70 years of the freedom struggle. They are competing with the ‘non-professional’ Indian army without weapons.

It is very difficult for Kashmiri people to stay with India. The Indian army is torturing Kashmiri people irrespective of age and gender by extrajudicial killings, gashing of eyes, chopping off vital body-parts, sexual violence. It does not stop there, and one more lurid incident is that of 27 years old boy sodomized by the Indian army in Kashmir and the number goes on.

The brutal attitude of the Indian army in Kashmir proved that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was right to separate Muslims from Hindu community. The Indian government is playing a very negative role under the cover of democracy. I have a question to the Indian government: is it the democracy to kill innocent people? Even toothless children are not secure under Indian democracy. The Indian army must keep in mind that the revolution is not in the arms but in the minds of the people, which is more powerful, prominent and pervasive.

Let me share my personal observation about Kashmir: Kashmiri people always expressed positive opinions in relation to Pakistan and are waiting for a strong reaction against the cruel Indian army. Pakistan always took positive steps to resolve conflicts between India and Kashmir. Pakistan always invited them for table talks. However, India all the times refused to accept the invitation and tried to spread terror in Kashmir. This attitude of Indian army expressed devilishness.

Pakistan’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture; water disaster is negatively affecting agricultural productivity. In the new paradigm, only economically strong countries can fight with national and international threats. The standing government is trying to cope with the current situation through strategies and planning at the national level.

Why Kashmir is important for Pakistan? Why Pakistan is facing water and energy crises? The Indian government is constructing a number of dams on the Jhelum and Chenab rivers for farming and electricity production, both of which originate from Kashmir. The rapid construction of dams on Jhelum and Chenab in India is escalating agricultural and energy crises in Pakistan.

Pakistan has taken a very positive step towards peace by opening the Kartarpur Corridor. It is our collective duty to educate our new generation about the Kashmir Issue. It is also a duty of every Pakistani to fight for a stable and stronger Pakistan as only the stable Pakistan could resolve the Kashmir Issue. On the other hand, the government of Pakistan should also take intellectual and sound actions regarding Kashmir issue otherwise, the detachment of Kashmiri young generation could be an imminent issue. The strong affiliation of Kashmiri young generation is also crucial for Pakistan.


Saudi Arabia, May 3.