Almost seven decades ago, Levitt and Sons, builders announces a two thousand home rental community near Long Island, New York. The establishment known as Levittown came into existence towards the end of World War 2. War returnees occupied most of the homes.

Levittown came into being at a time when there was a high demand for affordable housing across the States. The suburban development under a symbol of the “American Dream” as it allowed thousands of families to become homeowners.

Though it had to be a reflection of the American dream, it also became the symbol of racial segregation. The covenant clause of the town restricted members of the Caucasian race to occupy homes under Levittown. Though it was a planned post-war housing system, Levittown increased the element of planning amongst the States. Levittown has been a foundation stone for development of suburbs across the United States.

Over the years, homeowners have pursued development to the existing Levittown model. With its inception, Levittown became an important aspect of the American culture in terms of housing and suburban settlement.