KARACHI        -             Getz Pharma, under its “Care for Heroes” initiative to combat corona virus in healthcare facilities, is disinfecting over 8,000 clinics, 650 hospital wards and conducting free screening tests of more than 25,000 doctors across Pakistan.

In order to minimize the risk of this contagion at clinics and hospitals, Getz Pharma will regularly be disinfecting these venues for the next 6 months using CHEMGENE HLD4, a WHO approved chemical, which is a proven disinfectant  against Corona virus. This is to ensure that our frontline heroes work in the safety of a sanitised environment.

 The company is also providing protective equipment such as PPEs, masks, sanitisers and gloves and conducting free corona virus antibody screening tests of over 25,000 doctors especially in isolation centers to ensure the safety of health care professionals (HCPs) fighting on the front-lines to combat this pandemic.

So far, more than 100 clinics across Karachi have been disinfected under this initiative and the company will soon be extending this effort to other cities. The first hospital disinfection drive was started from Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Karachi covering 28 wards, 96 doctor’s hostel rooms, around 200 houses in doctor’s colony, out-patient departments (OPDs), emergency rooms, and duty rooms.