LAHORE - A comparative review report on crime reduction during partial lockdown was issued by the Lahore Police on Wednesday.  According to the spokesperson Lahore Police, the number of robberies during the partial lockdown has been decreased by 39% as per the statistics of Police Helpline 15 call records.  Road and shop robbery cases have also been reduced by 42%, due to effective patrolling by Dolphin and PRU forces and police pickets on the provincial capital’s highways resulted 37% reduction in overall crime rate.  According to the spokesperson, there has been an 80% reduction in murder cases. The number of car theft cases decreased by 29% to 30% and the number of thefts during partial lockdown also decreased by 33%.   According to the report, the incidents of domestic violence have been increased by 25%, while minor street fights have also been increased by 12 %. Lahore police spokesman said that Lahore police is ensuring the safety and security of its inhabitants. Strict crackdown on law and order and lawless elements will remain and continue.