ISLAMABAD                -                Pakistan national medical graduates in Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday urged government to make special arrangements for their repatriation as they were running short of money to meet their daily needs.

Students who interacted with The Nation from medical institutions of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, said that they are stuck in their residential apartments and attending online classes, but want to go back to Pakistan as their financial burden is increasing with every passing day.

They also said that they are in contact with the Pakistani embassy as well but there is no hope of early repatriation.

Students in Sylambikove and Adam universities also said that there were around 8000 Pakistani students in Kyrgyzstan and majority is approaching the embassy to resolve their problems and make arrangements for their return.

Mohammad Ikram who wished not to take his real name as he would face consequences in the form of academic punishment said that he is first year MBBS student in Sylambikove University where almost 300 other students are also studying and all are living in difficult circumstances for last two months.

He said that the price hike during coronavirus situation has severely affected the students’ life here and they are facing financial constraints with every passing day.

“The expense has increased from 100 USD to 180 USD while the policing in the city have also created difficulties for students,” he said.

He added that the passports of the students are also with the university while the contractors have also not played a facilitative role in this situation.

He said university is taking online classes which could be attended in Pakistan also.

Another students Mohammad Ali (not real name) enrolled in MBBS first semester in Adam University of Bishkek said that the students were so frustrated that the planned to hold a strike outside the embassy to get attention.

“Around 600 students are studying here and everyone is waiting for a proactive response from the government,” he said.

He added that about the flights arrangements the embassy informed that they are taking all measures to arrange for repatriation of the people however so far it is difficult for the government.

“We were informed that students are at third place on priority list so students have to wait,” he said.

He said that about the fee and financial problems the embassy officials and contractors asked them to remain in contact and they will take all possible measures to resolve this issue