ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority has constituted Chairmans Task Force to solve problems of the residents and traders. Addressing a meeting at CDA headquarters to finalise formation of Chairmans Task Force, CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi said addressing citizens grievances and problems and provision of civic facilities and amenities was the basic responsibility of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for which, we should make all out efforts to come up to the expectations of the people. He said the CDA had constituted the Task Force to redress problems related to different Marakiz of the Federal Capital through close coordination and regular liaison with the representatives of Traders Welfare Associations and the consumers. The market coordinators are being deputed in all Marakiz of the city, who will remain present there from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm to know about the problems their respective Marakiz and keep close liaison with the traders welfare associations and the consumers. In the first phase the market coordinators are being deputed in the Marakiz but later each market will have same system in place, he said. The market coordinators would be headed by an Incharge of the Task Force. All complaints/reports gathered would be reported to the Focal Persons appointed by different formations of the CDA, the CDA chief said adding the unattended complaints would be reported to the Chief Complaint Officer and Deputy Director Public Relations on daily basis, who would coordinate with the heads of the concerned formations for addressing of such complaints. The Director Staff of the Chairman CDA would be heading the Task Force and would report to the Chairman for the issues unresolved. Each coordinator at his Markaz will have a round of the Markaz along with the representative of the traders on daily basis and note down/identify the problems/issues, especially pertaining to street lights, cleanliness/littering, public toilets, encroachments, sewerage, over flowing gutters, repair/maintenance of footpaths & roads, parking areas, water leakages and illegal constructions, Imtiaz Inayat Elahi said. While talking to the market coordinators and the focal persons designated by concerned formations, the Chairman CDA said that Islamabad had a green character, which has to be protected at all cost. He said setting up of the task force and deputing market coordinators would ensure effective monitoring and supervision of day-to-day affairs/issues and help reduce the peoples problems. He expressed the hope that issues of the residents and citizens would be resolved soon. He said this would also minimise the number of complainants visiting the CDA Headquarters for their problems.