KARACHI (APP) - Citizens have appealed to the Nazim Karachi to ensure prompt action against dealers of car and accessories for encroaching upon citys busiest thoroughfares. Talking to APP they said traffic flow is severely hindered almost round the clock, particularly during rush hours, due to businesses run around, with absolute impunity on city roads. The complainants also referred to haphazard parking of vehicles by these dealers at New M.A Jinnah Road, M.A.Jinnah Road, Khalid bin Waleed Road. These being the most commonly frequented intersections in the metropolis, the complainants said cause severe inconvenience to the masses in general. Dr. Ahmed Ali said traffic literally moves at snail pace during afternoon and evening hours causing great deal of stress and inconvenience to the people. We need not to ignore the fact that stress is identified to be the major triggering factor for varied ailments, he said. Many of the other Karachiites also drew attention towards the fact that kids hired by car accessories shops at M.A. Jinnah Road can be witnessed exposing themselves and the passing by vehicles at grave risks by running in between the flow in search for potential customers. Abdul Haq referred to the tendency among vendors of car accessories to allow their customers to park their vehicles in two to three parallel lanes encroaching almost half of the road severely effecting the traffic flow. Another serious tendency emerging fast on M.A Jinnah Road was said to be the presence of trucks and pickups loading and unloading consumer items including heavy gadgets sold at the upcoming markets thronged by people till late hours. This loading and unloading exercise with trucks standing on almost middle of the road is again a major nuisance the city administrators must look into, said Haq, a banker with his office located just on the very road. Syed Jabbar Ali, a resident of Gulshan e Iqbal with his office located in Saddar said the buses and coaches on my route routinely passes through New M.A. Jinnah Road and getting stuck up there is a daily experience. He mentioned that it was only a few months back that as per directives of the Nazim Karachi, Syed Kamal Mustafa, action was taken against the encroachers bringing a great relief to the commuters but unfortunately this could not last long. We want comprehensive, concrete and lasting measures, he said. Mrs. Ahmed Tariq, a teacher residing in North Nazimabad referred to frequent traffic jam at Gulbahar due to pick-ups parked in front of the sanitary ware shops. Traffic flow at the bridge linking Lasbella to Gulbahar could be witnessed coming to long halt, she complained. The senior teacher opined that highly appreciable measures taken by the current Karachi City District Government to improve the infrastructure and ensure expanding almost all major thoroughfares are turning to be non existent for masses due to high handedness of the encroacher. Citizens also registered their concern that drivers of the public buses appeared to be indifferent towards traffic rules and found violating even basic regulations with absolute impunity. Stopping the bus or coach any where they desire, including at busiest roads during busiest hours and keep waiting for passengers has emerged to be a norm, said Ahmed Ali.