LAHORE - PML-Q Central leader Ch Pervaiz Elahi has accused the Punjab government of aggravating problems of the masses through misdirected policies. Addressing the PML-Q Parliamentary Party here Friday, Pervaiz said that the government has destroyed the administrative and economic structure as such it has lost the reason to stay in the power any more. After paddy growers it were now the sugarcane farmers who were suffering from the ill conceived policies of the government, he said recalling that people lost their lives while struggling for atta (flour) and now they were facing lathi-charge from the police while seeking sugar. Price-hike, law and order and unemployment are at their peak while the Assembly has been turned into a battle field by the ruling party, he said adding, but the rulers would not be able to deceive the masses any more. PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain specially attended the meeting. Opposition Leader in the Punjab Assembly, Ch Zaheerud Din, Raja Muhammad Basharat, Muhammad Yar Hiraj, Sher Ali and Samina Khawar Hayat also spoke to the meeting. Continuing, Ch Pervez Elaih said the paddy growers are having sleepless nights for the reason they are not getting half of the price of their yield what they were getting previous year. He said the government was victimizing the farmers for not supporting the rulers in the elections. He said over the last two years Punjab is stuck up in a quagmire in which the farmers who got loans for their crops, are suffering badly today. He said about 500 workers and leaders of the PML-Q have been implicated in false cases but they were not terrified of all that and would combat the adverse situation. The failure of the Punjab government, he said, was on the lips of everyone even the kids. He said the masses would not let the rulers go scot-free for rendering a prosperous province a debt-laden one. We would hold the rulers accountable, he added. Munawar sees NRO-2 Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has said that President Zardaris meetings with allies were meant to pave the way for NRO-2 in order to cover corruption of billions of dollars and other crimes. He maintained that the government had accepted defeat on the NRO issue for the time being but it had not given up. The latest talks with allies were aimed at winning the lost battle and introducing another NRO on give and take formula, he added. Addressing Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, Munawar accused the govt of not respecting the February 18, 2007 public mandate, saying that instead of resolving problems of the masses, it was acting on US dictation. The flour, sugar, gas and electric crises had made the life of the people miserable, he said, adding as the media portrayed the real state of affairs, the rulers were out for imposing curbing on it. He vowed to resist any curbs on media and referred to the positive role it played during the movement for judiciarys independence. He alleged that with the arrival of Blackwater, attacks on army had increased as high=ranking officers were being targeted.