KARACHI - Education is the lifeline for any country; presently we are in a dire need to establish high quality educational institutions, likewise, KCCI is planning to establish a modern university. This was expressed by President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Abdul Majid Haji Muhammad in the presentation of newly establishing boarding school project by Ahmed E.H. Jaffer Foundation. Speaking at the occasion, he informed that to establish the KCCI governed university, we will initiate the project by establishing or adopting a school or collage and upgrade it to university at later stages. Abdul Majid said that in view of vital importance of education sector, a dedicated committee for education and health sector is functioning to promote its objectives. He informed that the President KCCI, being the member of Board of Directors of over 17 private sector educational institutions and universities operating in Karachi, is actively pursuing to alleviate the illiteracy rate. KCCI, through its CSR Committee headed by Ateequr Rehman, is actively imparting its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Last year, the KCCIs CSR Committee, made noteworthy efforts while convincing the leading banks to provide substantial funding and financial assistance under CSR to various health and educational institutions in Karachi. Likewise, this year we will try to convince the banks to support the Hub School with their CSR contribution. President of Ahmed E.H. Jaffer Foundation Abdul Kader Jaffer in his presentation highlighted about the objectives and cause of establishing 'The Hub School (THS) located at 240 acres at Hub-Balochistan. He informed that the foundation was spending generously through their own resources and the estimated cost of the project is about Rs1.7 billion. The Jaffer family had devoted their land for this boarding school project which will be later upgraded to a modern university. The educational canvas reflects the colours of both modern and social sciences. Abdul Kader Jaffer in his presentation concisely highlighted the key features of school, the potential anticipated to be furnished with almost every influential mechanism, process of delivering quality education along with other curriculum activities and supreme facilities that are immensely needed and are not found even at rare among the existing best schools of the country. Among those key features the availability and arrangement of fully equipped laboratories, play ground, free accommodations for the staff (right from the peon to high level management) as well as pupil faculties, availability of a mosque, arrangement of near by shopping centres, clinics and banks, enhanced IT fully equipped department are at top priorities. Abdul Kader Jaffer is a seasoned business tycoon who also have served as Pakistans High Commissioner in UK and also received laurels from various countries of the globe. He is the founding member of Pak-Italy and Pak-German Business Forum and also served as President of Pak-Japan Business Forum.