There is a great misconception that terrorism started after 9/11 in Pakistan. That is just not true. It started in early 90s when these same people, which then belonged to sectarian groups, started targeting minority sects in Pakistan. Those terrorist groups of yore caused many a blood bath, killing innocents of virtually all minority sects. At that time, people were less concerned because only the minority sects were suffering. Due largely to this show of ignorance by government and people, this monster grew to such an extent that it not just sprawled across the expanse of our own society but even started to reach out to many countries far and away in the world. That resulted in a great setback to Pakistans image as a nation of peace. It was the Musharraf government who actually picked up the gauntlet of starting a campaign against terrorists, much before even the 9/11. To begin with, he banned all sectarian organizations and captured or killed all the big-name terrorists. Since his government was the first to do it through government intelligence agencies, these terrorist groups started targeting them. Then came the catastrophe of 9/11 and this presented the government of Pakistan with the opportunity to severe all its ties with these Jihadi groups that were playing havoc with lives of the people of Pakistan. I am surprised by comments from some people that the war on terror is not our war; if its not our war then why are we allowing killing of our innocent men, women, children. Our schools are destroyed, our mosques no more safe. Pakistan Army is being attacked and so many of our officers and jawans are dead. People are being slaughtered brutally like animals and a reign of terror has been established everywhere because of the deadly suicide bombings that take place everyday. An attempt has already been made to capture Islamabad from Swat. An attack has also been made on our GHQ from South Waziristan Agency. The beating heart of Pakistan has already been attacked. All attempts at negotiations have failed as the whole nation saw in Swat where these terrorists did not even honour their own word. Their agenda is to destroy Pakistan and capture its strategic and nuclear assets. How can we let these killers of humanity do that? -DR. FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, November 4