LAHORE - The Punjab University (PU) is continuously ignoring the equitable appointments of head examiners and paper setters for centralised marking of B-Com Part I and II scripts of examination 2009. The ugly practice was in vogue during the centralised marking of current year despite representation by the senior examiners concerned, whose request has been sent to the dustbin. According to their representation made to the PU Vice-Chancellor, the assignments of paper setters, head examiners are wishfully preserved and allotted to the varsity teachers irrespective of their status and designation. Even lecturers are obliged and preferred to those of professors/associate professors of government colleges, which is quite unjust, uneven and unfair practice. For instance, in marking of B-Com Part II, three head examiners, one assistant professor (Azam Shafique) and two lecturers, Ms Nabila, a lecturer on visiting faculty in the Hailey College of Commerce and Miss Ammarah, a lecturer in the same College on contract basis, were appointed head examiners for BC-407 (Economics of Pakistan). The senior and experienced teachers in the same discipline related to the affiliated government colleges had been intentionally ignored - rather dishonoured because an assistant or associate professor is supposed to present test instalment of papers for approval before his/her own student at the rank of lecturers, appointed as head examiners. This is an all round practice prevalent almost in every discipline of the PU. The affected professors, Hafiz Muhammad Ashraf, Associate Professor of Economics/Head of the Department Government College of Science, Wahdat Road and Prof Manzoor Ahmad Tahir, Associate Professor/Head of the Department/Vice-Principal, Government MAO College have urged the PU Vice-Chancellor to revise the lecturers appointments as head examiners and appoint senior teachers invariably from government colleges in their place.