ISLAMABAD The sugar has not been available in the markets of the Federal Capital for the last three or four days, as the Punjab government has denied issuing the specific sugar quota to Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA). This scribe visited various markets in the city like Sitara Market, Aabpara Market, Karachi Company (G-9 Markaz), and other various shopping centres of the city but sugar was not available any where in the markets. Sources in the ICTA informed that the administration had been getting 2,500 tonnes of sugar per day from the Punjab government through district administration of Rawalpindi. But they added that district administration of Rawalpindi had denied giving it specific sugar quota for the last three or four days as Rawalpindi administration claimed that Punjab government had cut down its own quota for sugar. The source also informed that Punjab government was not ready to issue sugar quota to the capital, as it claimed that capital territory was not part of the Punjab government. They claimed that the demand and supply of the sugar for the capital was also disturbed because of the Supreme Court (SC)s verdict of October 30 to fix the price of sugar at Rs. 40 per kilogram and decide the ratio of 70 % & 30 % for commercial users and domestic users. According to the agreement between the government and sugar millers, which was endorsed by SC through its verdict, out of the total quantity of available sugar, 70% sugar would be provided to commercial users like sweet shops as well as bakers and 30% to domestic users. In addition to that, the sugar would be provided to domestic users at Rs. 40 per kg while the rate for commercial users was not fixed. An ICTA officer of high portfolio on the condition of anonymity said that 30% quota of sugar for domestic users had also badly affected the supply of the sugar for general masses in the city and consequently sugar was not available in the market. The officer claimed that the capital administration had written a letter to the Ministry of Food & Agriculture as well as the Government of Punjab for the issuance of new quota, which could fulfil the demands of the public. But whatever the matter is, the real sufferers are the residents of the capital who are facing acute shortage of sugar, as the commodity is not available in the markets as well as at Utility Stores Corporation and no one is paying heed to this public issue. Long queues of people can be observed at the utility stores early morning but many of them go back their homes failing to get sugar for themselves. An in-charge of utility store outlet on the condition of anonymity informed that USCL was providing 25 bags of sugar of 20 kg each to its every outlet situated in the city. He further said that this quantity of sugar did not fulfil the demands of the people. Wajid Swati, the spokesman for USCL when contacted for comments said that he was busy in the meeting and unable to give any comments on the demand and supply of the sugar pretending that the concerned documents were kept in his office and he was out of office.