Khwaja Asif, an MP of the PML-N put forward a very pertinent suggestion for benefit of the people of Pakistan. In a TV talk show about the beneficiaries of NRO and those who have got massive loans written off, he suggested that all these people (I believe, that would include the President also) should be placed on the ECL. This is a very legitimate suggestion and must be paid heed to. I remember one of the most corrupt bureaucrats of the country, the right-hand man of a big beneficiary of the NRO who had absconded the country when martial law was imposed. For full nine years, he remained in the USA. I wonder how he survived there for so long without any legitimate source of income? As soon as the PPP government was back in power, he also came back and resumed his duty, no questions asked. He even drew the salaries and arrears for the full nine years he was away. I wonder who would probe this kind of corruption, irregularities and nepotism? -FAROOQUE SULAIMANI, Islamabad, November 6.