KARACHI - The US Consulate Friday started issuing visa after a gap of 13 years and in this regard a Pakistani businessman was issued the first visa following the resumption of visa section in the city. On this occasion, US Consul General Stephen G Fakan held a reception for prominent businessmen at his residence to mark the re-opening of visa section. On this occasion, US Consul General said that opening of visa section was the indication that the United States was here to stay as a partner, friend and an ally of Pakistan. He said that it was important that visas for other segments will also begin in summer when the new compound of under-construction US Consulate will be opened. Fakan said that it takes lots of time and efforts for applying for visas in Islamabad and businessmen have to take away valuable time from their companies. He suggested businessmen to apply with American Express Karachi for visas to get early response. Speaking on the occasion, the businessmen termed it a great day for Karachi and said that it means that US still has its interest in Pakistan. Head of consular section in Karachi Tracy Brown said that it was a very smooth day and eight visa applications were received on Thursday. Head of Visa Section US Embassy Christopher Richard said that visa application can take 4 to 6 weeks for processing and said that the Embassy was looking at ways to further facilitate visa seekers.