The PPP government has decided on a two day per week loadshedding in gas supply to industrial units. This is not being done in some larger interest of the country but to reduce loadshedding by diverting the gas to IPPs. This is essentially being done to keep the people happy and supplied with electricity the whole winter. When it comes to boosting industry or boosting the vote bank, the choice is clear and PPP never hesitates to do the 'right thing. The expensive RPPs are also being installed for the same purpose. In the cabinet meeting, which sanctioned the RPPs, the Finance Minster said the countrys fragile economy could not sustain this expenditure but some goof rejected that view citing 'his promise to the people to end loadshedding by December. He said if that was not done, the public reaction would shake the base of government. The Primer Minister chose to save the PPP government and not the country. After the meeting, the Finance Minister was seen writing his resignation but was, eventually, dissuaded by others. This was exactly the way Benazir Bhutto had done the decision of dumping Kalabagh dam to go for the IPPs. As it turned out, it was a disaster for the country. The power produced by the IPPs was meant for electrification of village housing of the public, i.e. voters of the awami party and not for boosting industry or agriculture. PPP never hesitates to do the 'right thing. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 6.