The indictment of two senior police officers and five militants in former Prime Minister Benazirs murder plot after four years of her assassination bears testimony to the slow pace of proceedings as well as investigations. The main reason of course is a lack of interest. There was a ray of hope last year when just days after the UN Commissions report the federal government suspended high ranking police and security officials. These included DG National Crisis Management Cell Brig Cheema, who made the first press conference announcing her murder while trying to twist the event in a strange manner. However, the investigation process has not framed any charges against him. There is a lot that needs to be done by the federal government in making sure that the investigation process is impartial and swift. Not only there are courts directions that should be quickly followed but also the UN Commissions report which deserves to be given due attention. The governments intentions are questionable in the first place because it has been sitting on the anti-terrorism courts orders for months now, dithering in bringing back General Musharraf. The court had issued his arrest warrants in February and, according to the arrested police officials, the orders to hose down the place of the crime were given either by Musharraf or then Chief of Military Intelligence Nadeem Ejaz, whose name has also figured in various investigative reports. The UN report even says that it was a cabal led by Musharraf as part of the 'broad conspiracy to assassinate Benazir Bhutto. Unless these individuals, who alleged to have ordered the police and Interior Ministry officials on duty on December 27 to scrub clean the crime scene as well as change Benazirs security plan are arrested and properly grilled, the investigations will not proceed in the right direction. Likewise, not much has been investigated about the black Mercedes that was supposed to act as the back up vehicle but mysteriously sped past Benazirs jeep moments before the gun fire and the blast. There are also those within the PPP top cardres whose names have come up in the course of court proceedings but no action has been initiated against them. That the PPP would handle the murder case of its leader, two-time Prime Minister and a popular leader with such insensitivity is disturbing.