Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar has spoken for the Pakistan Army in saying that it was among those state institutions supportive of the governments decision to grant Most Favored Nation (MFN) status to India, while talking to the press on Saturday at the State Guest House in Lahore. This contrasts with earlier reports that the Army was not happy with the decision. However, assuming that Ms Khar is correct, and her logic, that the Army is a state institution, the obvious question arising is why the Army shares the view that India is a friend with whom trade relations should be normalised? If it indeed shares this view, the next logical step is to ask whether the vast military budget, which a poor country is hard put to meet and only does so at great cost, is justified. It should not need a reminder, but in this context it seems necessary, to mention that the budget is made available by the nation on the assumption that it is used for protection and defence against India, not for the USAs war on terror, which seems to be its present preoccupation. This seems to be especially true now that forces have been moved from the western border to the eastern, where they are engaged in the war on terror. The government is apparently bent on giving India MFN status, and it seems that it will not face any internal opposition. Even though this measure has been proposed by India and, according to the opposition, has been imposed on Pakistan through international pressure in pursuit of promoting India in the region as a counterweight to China. It appears from Ms Khar's statement that the army is not opposed to this measure, which meets Indian wishes to establish mercantilist hegemony in the region, and to extend its trade surplus with Pakistan. It should not be forgotten that this surplus indirectly creates the fiscal space through which India maintains its illegal occupation of Kashmir. The Federal Cabinet has announced the decision to grant India MFN status, but our erstwhile neighbour has been complaining that it has not in fact been granted. If this is true, there is still time to avoid taking a step that will only destroy Pakistans industry by opening the floodgates to its goods. This might be upsetting for the US too, but even they must realise that Pakistan will pursue it's own national interest first. For that, the army, in keeping with people's expectations of it, should have objected to such a step being taken.