Ch Zaka Ashraf has occupied the Pakistan Cricket Boards (PCB) golden throne with zest and exuberance to eradicate all the ills prevailing in our cricket. We wish him the best of luck but would like to inform him that the maladies are enormous both in the field of administration as well as players conduct, attitude and performance. Nothing is impossible if he displays complete love and devotion for the game and dedicates himself for revolutionising the systems responsible for our teams hopelessly low international rating and loss of reputation due to the follies of our players. As for his own person, he should keep himself above all the extravagance and luxuries available in the form of perks, privileges and non-essential foreign tours and concentrate on the eradication of corruption in all its forms. He should not try to act as a 'dictator in the manner his predecessor did to disgrace Pakistan internationally but instead have a group of highly competent, honest and dedicated officials to advice and guide him. Dictatorship turns an organisation into a 'one man show rendering other officials and members of the staff into rubberstamps. Having become the slaves of the top mans wishes and desires they lose their own thought, imagination and initiative which results in inefficiency and ends up in brutal failure. The dictatorship emerged in the PCB around the year 2000 when the incoming bosses abrogated the boards 1979 constitution which contained equitable distribution of power between various officials and committees of the board. As a result of the change the board which functioned in an atmosphere of peace and harmony with neither any court cases nor controversies dipped into the sea of corruption causing devastating effects on the teams performance. To abolish one man rule he should revive some important clauses of the 1979 constitution which lay down: '(1) The team selected by the selection committee will be approved by the PCB Council. (2) The captain, manager and the coach will be appointed by the PCB Council. (3) The financial powers of the chairman will be fixed by the PCB Council and a system laid down for expenditure. This will save the chairman from the flurry of blames and accusations when the team performs badly as well as mark an end to financial corruption. Mr. Ashraf must have found that the board is loaded with a junk of officials and staff who consume millions from the PCB funds but contribute nothing useful. Such 'extras must be retrenched. As regards the poor conduct and discipline of players, during the present era most of the boys come from a low background with little education. It is for the PCB to groom them properly through courses of instruction at the National Cricket Academy with emphasis on discipline and character building. In the good old days only three officials, a manager, coach and physio used to accompany the team going abroad. Now a procession of eight to ten officials goes mostly for enjoyment and sight seeing. These officials fight for the inclusion of their favorites in the playing eleven which is the root cause of all the infighting that takes place in the squad. The number of officials must be restricted to bare minimum. It is also not essential for the chairman, COO and other officials of the board to visit the country where the team goes. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, November 5.