PESHAWAR - Scores of the self-introduced Bara Affectees Movement, Khyber Agency, on Tuesday demanded of the government to adopt the way of dialogues to find an amicable solution to the existing crisis and stop the lingering military operation in the agency.

A large number of innocent people have been killed in the offensive carried out in the area, Suhbat Khan, chief of the movement, said while addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press Club. He lamented that the incumbent government did not take the crisis seriously and paid no heed to the miseries facing the tribesmen. The people of Khyber Agency were in a state of war for the last four years, and in these situations a grand jirga comprising representatives of all political parties is need of the hour to devise a mechanism to end prolonged curfew and ensure establishment of sustainable peace in the war-affected agency.

He further said that business activities were adversely affected due to the excessive military operations for the last three years in the agency. Flanked by Sohail Afridi, Ikhtiyar Afridi and Umar Afridi, he maintained that more than 0.5 million people were compelled on displacement from their hometowns in the wake of the security forces operations. Similarly, about 1,20,000 children were deprived of getting their basic right of education and 1,700 people including aged, women and children were killed and hundreds of others received injuries, he added. While a large number of people have become jobless owing to closure of bazaars and markets, Afridi maintained.

“The security forces policy of using force did not yield any positive result, as several military operations were carried out with different names and phases in Khyber Agency, but peace could no be established. Whereas a number of houses have been damaged and it inflicted both economic and human losses due to excessive shelling and bombardment,” Suhbat Afridi lamented. The issue could be resolved by following a way of negotiations and dialogue with those having rift with the government, Afridi stressed.

He also expressed concern over the arrest of innocent people during the security force operations, and demanded immediate their release, and condemned the indifferent attitude of police officials with the Internally displaced people from Bara, Khyber Agency and taking extortion money from the already depressed tribesmen.