LAHORE (PR)– Coca-Cola Pakistan Mehreen Jabbar have partnered to produce a creative 13 episode sitcom for television, based on an important social message. The series promote the value of shared meals with family and friends, with this unique initiative being a part of Coca-Cola’s larger Coke & Meal campaign. The primary objective of the campaign and of the sitcom, appropriately titled Coke Kahani, is  to rejuvenate the spirit of shared meals; building on how the simple act of eating together, rather than by oneself, serves to strengthen bonds, encourages sharing and caring, and instills a ‘live positively’ attitude towards life in people. “Coke Kahani” has been directed by Mehreen Jabbar, and has been produced by Adeel Farhan. The script has been written by the Syed Muhammed Ahmed.