Though now-a-days, we are all spouting anti-American slogans and hate, what we do not realise is that we hate the government and their decisions, but we have to admire and learn from these evolved nations who have learned the lesson of self-reliance. While we as Muslims introduced kindness, sharing of resources for the good of everyone, we have moved away from the practice of our religion. For many, this may be the cause of the downfall of Pakistan, in particular and other Muslim nations in general.

When the Hurricane Sandy hit USA and New York in particular, where millions were severely affected by loss of electricity, which in turn multiplied the misery they were suffering, the most powerful nation was helpless in the face of such a tremendous natural disaster. What was most touching was how they all worked together to help each other, most of the people who lost power brought out the food stored in their refrigerators to share with everyone. They displayed photographs in Arab Times, Kuwait where people shared the resources they had, sharing food that would have been spoiled. The able bodied men and women worked as volunteers to help the old and the disabled and children. They helped people charge their phones, so people could stay in touch with their loved ones to reassure them that they were safe. No one was asking or waiting for the government to step in and help them.

All this was done on self help basis, there were no TV shows begging the world to help re-build the cities, provide food and clothing, no Government officials who vanished, but were seen working to get their city back up and running. It reminded me of the earthquake and the floods in Pakistan, when every TV channel had programs that asked the world for donations. When the world opened its pockets and hearts to Pakistan all the money was put into private bank accounts of the super elite and rich politicians, and people stuck by the disaster were not helped at all, they are still waiting for a roof over their head or a hospital in their area or drinking water.

During the disasters we saw the beast hidden in everyone come out in Pakistan, they stole food, children, household items and even the aid that was being sent to the affectees. Young girls were raped, old people killed for the few coins on them. What happens to us? Why do we act worse than the non-believers in times of need? Are we not Muslims? Shouldn’t we learn a lesson from the Americans who are believed to be Christians or non-believers with no faith but they have moral conscious. Don’t we have any conscious? Who is better, they or us, you must decide for yourself.


Kuwait, November 03.