LAHORE – The PTI Chief Election Commission (CEC) has failed to come up with a new schedule for holding the intra-party polls this month despite party chief Imran Khan’s claims of completing the process of party elections this year to move forward hi ‘tsunami’ launched on October 30, 2011.

The PTI, which had planned to start the process of intra-party polls in September failed to execute despite giving three schedules, starting from September to November. The latest schedule was November 2 to start the party polls from the federal capital but was stopped due to the complaints of party leaders regarding flawed voter lists.

PTI chief taking volley of questions from reporters during a press conference regarding the repeated delays in party polls had announced that party’s CEC would definitely come up with a new schedule on November 5 after clearing the flaws in voter lists.

However, Imran Khan left for India on Tuesday to attend the World Economic Forum leaving a question mark on party polls, which are vital for establishing PTI’s democratic credentials.

Sources in the PTI privy to the developments regarding repeated delays in intra-party polls told this correspondent that flaws in electoral lists of the federal capital was just one issue, as many party leaders differ over the procedure of holding the polls and demands reviewing the procedure in order to save the party from the opportunist.

They informed that several party leaders, especially from the old guard were of the strongest opinion that all tiers of party polls should be held on direct electoral process in which leaderships of all levels should be elected by fielding different panels who would be elected or rejected by party voters.

The only intra-party poll to be held on direct basis in the PTI is Union Council (UC), which forms an Electoral College comprising of directly elected office bearers who would elect the tehsil leadership, the tehsil then elect the district office bearers.

The elected leaders of districts would vote for regional leaderships who would elect the provincial office bearers and finally all the provincial leaderships elected would vote for electing the central leadership.

PTI sources quoting the party leaders against the mentioned procedure of party polls said that it would provide an open opportunity for the ‘Investor Class and Business Tycoons’ in the party.

Secondly, many PTI leaders are against the idea of mobile voting system, as they fear strong possibilities of rigging in the process. Some senior party leaders alleged that people who were managing the electronic voting system for party polls, were accomplices of the artificial leaders.

Despite repeated attempts, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Shafqat Mehmood and Hamid Khan could not reached for comment.