ISLAMABAD  - Closure of shortcut passages and small U-turns on all the roads of federal capital has caused embarrassment to the citizens.

Under traffic plan, small U-turns have been abolished and long U-turns have been built to make roads, highways and intersections signal free to ease traffic flow.

But longer U-turns have cost heavily to the commonman, as they have to bear the brunt of additional expenses on petrol and gas consumption on their way from homes to offices and back to homes.

Short u-turns was a real facility for us as we covered the distance to our office in 15 minutes and this way we had to spend a small amount on fuel consumption but due to long u-turns we have not only to suffer in terms of time but in terms of fuel consumption at such a time when fuel prices are soaring sky high, said a group of government employees.

The prevalent u-turn arrangement depicts a gloomy picture as no u-turn exists on 3-kilometer road intervening  between I-8 traffic signal and 15 Rescue. Far ahead Faizabad, a u-turn in the name of Swan has been built at a distance of 6-kilometers. Like wise no u-turn has been built on 5-kilometer distance between police check post to Peshawar More on Kashmir High way in front of fire brigade office. One has to move to 7th avenue chowk after traveling 2 kilometer distance and then return in order to proceed to Peshawar More.

This way one has to bear the additional burden of petrol consumption as much as one consumes to cover 4 kilometers distance.

Citizens complained that no U-turn exists on two-kilometer distance from D-Chowk to F-7 Chowk in front of Parliament House.

Likewise U-turn meant for the road leading to Murree from Faizabad is located in front of Margalla Town and this way one has to cover additional distance of 2 to 3 kilometers.

Citizens demanded evolving of traffic plan to facilitate them and not to compound their traffic woes.