Nowadays, the sugarcane growers are seen desperate and disturbed in the sugarcane growing belt of Sindh, once known as Cuba of Sindh, including Thatta, Badin, Tando Muhammad Khan, Ghotki and also Khairpur Mirs. Normally, the sugarcane crushing season used to begin on November I, but unfortunately like past two years, this year too, the Shylock natured mill owners of 36 sugar mills in the province, a major ratio of the owners belong to the ruling class, have decided to use dilatory tactics and are exploiting the disaster hit growers to sell cheaply, thus making it true that in Pakistan the richer grow richer and the poor more poorer. These tactics are also ruining agricultural economy of the province with this devilish design of the mill owners to invest less and earn more.

Despite there being a sugarcane Commissioner, no one is looking out for the interest of the sugarcane grower. All the relevant authorities are sleeping soundly not taking any notice of the plight of the poor farmer who works the year round for some marginal profit. It is time that the provincial government should take some tangible steps to protect the sugarcane growers and the sugar industry as well. Is there any God fearing bureaucrat or authority in the province or in this country to come forward and protect the growers from the exploitation by the sugar mill owners? I am confident if the growers and laborers are protected from the exploitation by the sugar mill owners and given better rates, ensured timely payments, then there would be a positive response from the agriculture sector in the province. If not then the farmer will lose any capacity to sow more sugarcane or anything as he will be unable to purchase seeds and fertilizer. Pakistan has already suffered sugar shortage and the government had to import sugar, they can help the country’s economy by helping the agriculture sector and setting a reasonable price for sugarcane thus protecting the growers and its own economy in the long run. When will we be patriotic and think about the country rather than our own personal wealth?


Islamabad, November 06.