KARACHI  - The country is facing an alarming situation where around 100 children have become victims of molestation every month in Pakistan and normally their teachers and relatives are involved in such incidents, a report said on Tuesday.According to a research, the ratio of the sexual harassment victims comprises 68 percent girls and 32 percent boys.Dr Aamina Fakhri, a lecturer at Karachi University’s Psychology Department, says after being harassed a number of children are hushed forcibly due to which they don’t tell it to their parents but later on these incidents create anxiety in them and as the days pass they also become the victim of different metal diseases.“The children fear telling it to their parents and thus that particular incident starts developing panic in them, hence they confine themselves to their places,” Fakhri said adding such incidents also urge children to commit suicide. 28 criminals arrested: City Police arrested 28 accused from different parts of the city during last 24 hours. Four accused involved in street crimes were arrested after brief encounters while four gangs of robbers were also busted, police sources said on Tuesday. Police recovered 22 pistols and 3 snatched cell phones from the possession of the accused.