ISLAMABAD  - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Tuesday that Parliament was the supreme institution in the country as it represents the will of the people.“There is no doubt that the Supreme Court is the apex court in the country, but when we talk about supreme institution, Parliament is the supreme institution as per Constitution”, he said while talking to reporters here after attending the certificate distribution ceremony among students of institutions working under Wafaq-ul-Madaris.“It is the Parliament which had the power to make, amend or abrogate the Constitution. Similarly, the Parliament has the right to abolish any institution. In fact, the Parliament is the mother of all institutions,” he added. He said that the government, from day one, is stating that all country’s institutions should work in their Constitutional domain. Kaira said that politicians have always been subjected to media trial even before court verdicts are announced against allegations levelled against them and their public image is tarnished by one-sided talk shows and columns. He said that the institutions are not built in days and targeting institutions was not in the national interest. Responding to a question, Kaira said that the government will take all possible steps to promote education in the country.He said that there was no chance of delay in the elections as the government and the Parliament have the credit for completion of five-year terms of the Assemblies. He said that any delay in elections will undo the credit being earned by the Parliament and the political parties.He also said that in the presence of free media, independent judiciary and vibrant civil society, no government can consider postponement of elections.Kaira said media in the country is free and the government has no intention to curb media freedom.