PESHAWAR - A woman has appealed to Chief Justice, Peshawar High Court, and Inspector General of Police to arrest the killers of her son and award them exemplary punishment.  

Addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday, the distressed elderly women Umia Begum, mother of deceased Taimor Khan, said her 16-year-old son Taimur, a student of Class X, had received a mobile text message from one Wisal on January 30, where the later asked him to come to his house. A girl Muniba, daughter of Wisal, wanted to marry her son by force despite a huge age difference between his son and Muniba, she added.

Ms Umai Begum alleged that Muniba had falsely fallen in love with her son, as she wanted to get rid of an overage man, who also wanted to marry her. But, she (Umia) said there was a huge age difference between Muniba and Taimur. My son went there and Wisal Khan detained and started mercilessly torturing to death Taimur Khan and later on dumped him in a field, she informed.  Though police has arrested the killer but he get released on bail after 18 days, she said and alleged that the killers had use bribe to tampering police FIR and autopsy report of her killed son.

She appealed Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan, and police chief to provide her justice by taking stern action against the killer of her son and awarding him exemplary punishment.