ISLAMABAD - In what appears to be a clear shift in his earlier stance, PTI chief Imran Khan Thursday, withdrawing from his demand that fair probe into rigging in general elections could not be held as long as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would remain in his office, hinted that the prime minister could continue with his office till rigging is proved through an inquiry.

Imran Khan while addressing his supporters at the Constitution Avenue of the capital asked the Supreme Court to hold an investigation into massive rigging in general elections. “The Supreme Court should hold an inquiry within one month and the sit-in would continue till that period,” Khan said.

He proposed the name of Justice (r) Nasir Aslam Zahid as the head of the proposed SC Commission for rigging investigation. At the same time, Khan remarked that if rigging in elections is proved, the resignation of the prime minster should be ensured and if not, they would end their sit-in.

In his speech, Khan also opposed the idea of carving out new provinces in the country. He said that creation of new provinces would neither bring change nor solve the problems of the masses.

The PTI chief also called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi an honest man, adding that they should learn lesson from the neighbouring country. Giving the example of the Indian premier he said he had given a list of 627 people to Swiss authorities and asked them to return the looted money of the country.

Imran Khan said that both Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former president Asif Ali Zardari have stashed their ill-gotten money in Swiss banks and that was the reason they had never thought to take such a step. He said that Nawaz Sharif, despite being a billionaire, had paid merely Rs5,000 tax in last five years. He alleged that Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif were biggest tax evaders.

PTI chief claimed that government was contemplating increasing the electricity tariff by another Rs1.5 per unit. He accepted that the proper forum to highlight such issues was parliament but said that the most of the lawmakers in the present parliament had come through rigging; hence, this platform had lost its value.