Pakistan doesn't appear to be a safe place for anyone, be they Muslim or not. There have been hundreds of cases under the umbrella of blasphemy law and today another took place in the suburb of Lahore, where a Christian couple, found suspicious of having burnt the pages of Quran, were beaten to death and then thrown in the brick kiln to be burnt alive. Where has the world seen such barbarity committed in the name of religion? The white color in our flag represents the minorities of this land, who were promised a peaceful and safe life in Pakistan.

But now, we know that the minorities are not safe anywhere, though our religion and our constitution both guarantee their protection, but such is not happening in reality. All those who exploit religious sentiments and provoke common people, mostly uneducated, to commit such crimes against the minorities must be tried under the Criminal Procedure Code. All crimes against anyone, especially against the minorities should be punished and the perpetrators should be handed death sentences. Only then will we see an end to this hypocrisy and brutality.


Lahore, November 4.