The savage and brutal attack on innocent unarmed citizens, who had just witnessed the popular ceremony at Wagah border, should awake us to the ugly reality that the enemy we face is against the state of Pakistan. They neither have any remorse nor do they value humanity or Islamic teachings which forbid murder. If only we had been wise to notch this enemy in its infancy, this country would have been more secure than it is today. It should also jolt us out of our deep slumber so that we can accept our security lapses, and take concrete measures to win this war against terrorism. This is a war for the very survival of Pakistan and no personal or institutional vested interests must be allowed to prevail.

Failure is not an option against these terrorists, nor is policy of restraint or reconciliation. They must be made to surrender, be debriefed by professional expert counselors and then rehabilitated if possible, or condemned for life. We must consider flaws in our policies, so that our long term security and foreign policy are set on the right course, after an in-depth brainstorming by qualified experts in relevant fields to ensure that in the long run, there are no repercussions, as we have had owing to our failed 'Strategic Depth' policy, which only ended in making our internal security more fragile.


November 3.