ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN :  Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Maryam Aurangzeb has said that people whose politics is based on lies should understand difference between containers and the honourable courts proceedings.

Talking to newsmen outside Supreme Court in Islamabad Monday, she said the Prime Minister had offered an impartial investigations and expressed the confidence that Mr  Nawaz Sharif will get a clean chit in Panama Papers case.

“There is a difference between containers and courts.In the courts it is all about evidence. In the containers they can only hurl allegations," she said.

"Those who were lying will now run away. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf should now direct their energies towards gathering evidence," she said.

She said the Prime Minister does not own any off Shore Company but he presented himself for accountability. She said cases are not won on the basis of allegations but with proofs. 

Maryam Aurangzeb urged the media to ensure neutral coverage of the Supreme Court (SC) proceedings and avoid speculations. She said there is huge difference between container politics and Court's proceedings.  She said we want that the Panama Papers case should be investigated and be decided by the honorable court. 

Maryam Aurangzeb said no one can run from the supreme court as it is not a container.

She said that Imran Khan speaks about issues with the Media which are not even touched in the supreme court. 

The Minsiter of State for Information said that the Prime Minister himself wrote to the supreme court for investigation and expressed the confidence that he will get out with a green chit. 

She said the lawyer of the Prime Minister told the court that they have necessary proofs of whatever they have submitted in the court.She further said that it is time for providing proofs rather than hurling allegations. 

Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Division Tariq Fazal Chaudhary said they have all the proofs to refute all the allegations levelled on Prime Minister's family.  He asked PTI to stay away from holding courts on streets and the media and wait for Supreme Court's verdict in this case.

PML (N) leader Talal Chaudhary on the occasion said they were successful in the court of public and now they will win this case in the Apex Court.  He said the defeated people are trying to impose “Minus One Formula” but they would not succeed. He said Nawaz Sharif was punished for the nuclear tests and now attempts are being to punish hm for CPEC.