BEIJING: China has reiterated its commitment to stand by Pakistan for meeting its defense requirements, reports Chinese media, quoting Defense Minister Chang Wang Wanguan.

China and Pakistan have fruitful collaborations in air force equipment, training and flight security and will continue to deepen their cooperation in air force related fields, according to Chang Wanquan, China's defense minister.

Chang met with Pakistan's chief of air staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, in Beijing last week after Aman returned from Airshow China 2016 in Zhuhai, Guangdong province.

China and Pakistan have upheld mutual trust, understanding and support and are staunch allies and comprehensive strategic partners, said Chang, adding that China and Pakistan air forces should enhance cooperation.

Aman said Sino-Pakistan relations have withstood international turmoil and become the foundation for protecting regional and international peace. Pakistan appreciates China's support and would further cooperate with China in anti-terrorism, equipment and technology as well as personnel training in order to promote regional security, he added.

China and Pakistan air forces have held regular military drills code-named "Shaheen", which means "eagle" in Urdu, with the first one held at Pakistan's Rafiq air force base from March 5 to 30, 2011, according to China Military Online.

Sohail Aman had also a meeting with General Ma Xiaotian, commander of the Chinese PLA Air Force in Chinese City Zhuhai.

Gen. Ma Xiaotian reiterated strong desire of his country to further deepen their relationship with Pakistan in the field of defense production. He expressed satisfaction over the growing partnership in building up their air force capabilities.

Sohail Aman noted that in recent years, the Chinese air force has made great progress in its modernization drive, and China adheres to the idea of mutual respect and coordination and plays an important role in maintaining world peace and development. Pakistan, he added wishes to take full advantage of Chinese rich potential in the air force sector.