Indian media has a history of showing irresponsibility. Saleem Safi in his article on March 12 explained well the difference between Pakistan and Indian media. He said that overall India media is more negative as compared to Pakistani media. The negative side of the Indian media can be observed well after recent Uri attack. It is also said that drama of surgical strike (which was a false claim) was carried out by the Indian government as it was highly under pressure by its media.

The Indian media not only targeted Pakistan & Pakistani actors but also blasted on its own actors like Om Puri, Salman Khan who speak in support of Pakistani actors and opposed the idea of banning Pakistani actors from working there. In response of the India media hate campaign and action against our actors, pressure also came on PEMRA to ban Indian content. Banning Pakistani content will cost India more as compared to Pakistan as Bollywood earns a huge sum of money through its movies in Pakistan. This approach is detrimental to both sides.


Rawalpindi, October 7.