It is very commendable to note that the Punjab Government is going to use space technology applications for accelerating economic growth processes as well as for exploration of minerals and preparation of forests inventory in the province. According to reports this is going to be done by the Provincial Government in collaboration with SPACE and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission(SU-PARCO) Pakistan. A high level meeting held recently in this regard was informed that SU-PARCO would soon be launching its own Remote Sensing Satellite through which a local research engine will also be operated as a result of that Goggle Earth will be replaced and our own institutions will acquire capability of utilizing the most accurate the most geological information through enhanced high-resolution satellites free of cost.

While lauding the Provincial Government for using space technology for development purposes, it is requested to accelerate the process of collaboration with SUPARCO so that the province can draw benefits for the above-mentioned objectives at the earliest, please. Hopefully, the needful will be done for giving the much welcome collaboration between a national institution and the provincial government in a speedy manner.


Lahore, October 7.